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I'm develop under Visual Studio 2015 and I would like to enable VT-x in order to use Xamarin and the Android Emulators.

I've firstly use the Visual Studio Emulator for Android, that is based on Hyper-V. It works but I encounter some problems with the Google Play Services: so I would like to use the Android AVD Emulator.

So I've opened the Android Emulator Manager (AVD) from Visual Studio:

Then I've created a new Android Virtual Device:

And I tried to start it, but I got the following error:

If I open the Android SDK Manager, I can see that the "Intel x86 Emulator Accelerator (HAXM installer)" is marked as "Not compatible with Windows":

As suggested on this link (How to enable VT-x in the Surface Book • r/Surface), I have disabled the Hyper-V in the Windows features and reboot the computer:

But this didnt' change anything. I have also installed and launched Intel Processor Identification Utility: I can see that "Intel Virtualization Technology" and "Intel VT-x with Extended Page Tables" are enabled.

Finally, as suggested on the following link (The intel x86 emulator accelerator (HAXM installer) revision 6.0.5 is showing not compatible with windows), I have donloaded and installed the HAXM from Intel (Intel® Hardware Accelerated Execution Manager (Intel® HAXM) | Intel® Software) :
  1. Unzip the file and Run intelhaxm-android.exe
  2. Run silent_install.bat
Now I can launch the emulator as expected: