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How to have 3 (or 4) snapped apps?


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Hi Guys,

Been wondering about this since they showed it off at the SP3 announcement, but never been able to do it...until I just did by accident.

Had IE snapped with Mail, then opened an attachment in Mail and wowz - it snapped mail to the middle of the screen and the attachment to the right, giving me 3 snapped windows!

So far I have not figured out how to manually do this, IE by dragging down from the top and snapping, this only seems to allow the same 2 we had before.

Anyone else seen it or figured any other methods for it?


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Ah ha..> I wondered that too. I've had a third app hover in the middle while I tried to get it to snap but then it just took the spot of one of the other two apps.

Also I've had problems trying to snap two desktop apps. Sometimes when I'm on desktop I can't get it to slide out with other apps - probably me just not doing it quite right.


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Desktop Apps Snap differently, the way that you do that is take the non-maximized app and mouse it over to the left or right side of the screen until it snaps to 50% of the screen, take the next and do the same on the opposite side...