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How to Open apps/programs in metro


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Here's the issue. I'm at my start screen on the Surface Pro. I see the tiles, click on Word 2013. Immediately I am taken to the desktop interface where Word opens. The question is this: "Is there a way to make Word open directly in or from the Metro start screen and bypass having to use the desktop interface?"


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What, why would you want to do that? Sorry little Modern UI vs. desktop joke there for you. Welcome to the club :)

It will depend on which Surface you have but as DOS pointed out legacy apps (desktop programs that run on previous Windows versions) will only open in desktop and Modern UI apps (those acquired through the app store) will only run in Modern UI.

If you have a Surface RT there are a few apps that are included, such as Office, which are actually desktop apps and will take you to the desktop if launched from the Start screen. You are not able to install any more of these legacy apps on the Surface RT. All other apps must come from the app store and will be Modern UI apps which run from the Start screen.

If you have a Surface Pro any programs you install in the traditional way (legacy apps) will only open in the desktop but can be launched from a shortcut tile on the Start screen. You are not restricted from installing additional legacy apps as you are on the Surface RT. You can also install Modern UI apps from the store and these will only run on Modern UI from the Start screen.


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Not all Office Products, OneNote and Lync each have a Modern UI client. Rumor is that Office Gemini (Office Team's Blue equivalent) will have more Modern UI Clients.


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Anything that isn't downloaded and directly installed from the app store will only open in desktop.