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Latest MUI OneNote update issues

These may have been present before but I have some strange issues and wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing these.

With the latest MUI OneNote (the one with full screen):
1) If my device is locked, the top pen button will not open OneNote. It just pushes me to the login screen.

2) Once logged in and OneNote open clicking the top button will not open a new blank page, unless I switch to a different app, leaving OneNote open and then switch back and try it.

I know that clicking the top pen button after being logged in will open OneNote and double clicking will all me to take a screen shot so it seems like the batteries are not the issue. Can anyone else confirm this is happening. If so I will log as a bug with MS.


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Its actually a known issue and will be fixed by updates to both Windows 10 and the App...

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