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Local printers won't show up in Remote Desktop Connection Manager 2.7


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Hi everybody

I really need help. I connect to a server through RDC Man 2.7 on my Surface Pro 3 to use the installed accounting software. Now I want to print stuf such as journals but when I print, I cannot choose my locally installed wirless Printer. I used to be able to do it using RDC Man on my iMac in OSX.

I have ticked printers on the local resources tab in settings to no avail. I hope somebody can help me with this issue as I really need to be able to print.

I tested the following:

I connected to the server via RDC on a Mac and my printer shows up straight away. I then connected my surface to the server simultaneously and could see my printer shared through the mac's session. I even managed to print with that way. As soon as I disconnected the mac from the server, the printer was gone. I am no IT Pro but this can not be a driver issue, this must be something else. The server can basically use the printer just fine. Any ideas anybody?



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Hi Ben,

Welcome aboard!

I don't know about your Mac Setup but in Windows and specifically in your case if you want to print from software running in your remote machine then you need to install the printer that you want to use in the remote machine.

You can share your printers in your Sp3 but then you need to add those printers to your remote machine.