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Log On keyboard doesnt show


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When I first got my Surface pro the keyboard doesnt show up, which prevents me from being able to log on after boot up. I would hit the arrow/enter symbol and an error would occur since no password was provided (duh), but this somehow makes the keyboard show up. But, a few weeks ago even the arrow button trick does not work anymore as the keyboard doesnt show up at all no matter what. Now I have to hit the recycle looking button on the bottom left of the screen, which has an option for on screen keyboard.

Very annoying, wondering if something with an update made this happen? Anyone else have this problem?



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Have you tried just tapping in the blank box where you type your password? Sorry if that sounds silly but I have to sometimes on my S2.


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I experience the same thing here. My work around is to select "sign in options", then the key followed by the PIN keyboard or vice-versa if you're using your Microsoft password.


Have you thought of removing the need for password by typing in search netplwiz, untick the box for require password, put in pass twice, there you go.