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Lots of Skins Now Available

Ive been debating on a skin or a leather notebook looking case. The case has groves on the top, bottom, left, and right for the swiping features and the skin looks like it comes a little close. I had problems with this on my android phone before.
If you get a skin, its probably best to just put the side and back pieces. I wouldn't apply the front piece because I want the screen to be perfectly flat since its touch screen
I think I will be getting a skin because I'm noticing some small scratches on my back side. Want to keep it protected even if I don't get to see the nice VaporMg casing.
Same here slvrdrgn. I was extremely hesitant to put on a skin on my pro, especially because I love the smooth metal like feel of the vapor mg. I was also afraid that the skin would affect the cooling, which I still am concerned about. Though scratches don't bother me too much, I still try to take care of my devices and I find that I am often conscious of how I am handling the surface, plus the vapor mg is a fingerprint magnet that easily gets marked up and affected by sweaty hands. If I put the skin, I can be a bit more free and rough while handling the surface. I didn't get my skin yet but its coming in the mail from sticker boy. Unfortunately decalgirl skins only cover front and back but not the sides, which is important because the sides can be easily scratched when connecting the power connector, etc.
Just got it ! i like it
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I just got a 25% off coupon for DecalGirl.com in case anyone is interested. I've already got a skin so I won't be using it. It's "partrick25".
They certainly have some good looking skins on that website. I'm sure if I found one that caught my eye I'd probably buy it.
I've used Skinit.com for skins in the past, but this time I thought I'd try out decalgirl.com.

The attached photos show a customized skin I created by uploading a high res image of Peter Paul Reubens' (1577-1640) painting Angels Destroy the Armies of Sennacherib, which is based on 2 Kings 19:35-36.

When I was setting it up at the website, the preview image showed a custom image on the Windows RT start screen, but I've been unable as of yet to change that. I did change the lock screen and desktop however, to make the image work with the frame.


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