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Microsoft products for rt.


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I understand that both Surface and RT are new products and as such compatible non Microsoft apps would have to be developed for them. This would take some time and as such I am willing to be (a bit) patient. However I do have a problem with Microsoft products not being able to run on rt.
Microsoft Access. Need that for my Tablet ASAP. What's the keep back?
Microsoft Zune. What am I supposed to connect my Nokia Microsoft Windows phone to if Microsoft Zune will not run on a Microsoft RT Tablet?
Help in some way please. Soon.
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Access will not be coming to RT due to its demands for CPU and would drain the battery, once Windows Phone 7 is upgraded to 7.8 we will be able to Sync with RT. Remember that Windows RT is designed as a companion device not as a primary device. If you want a primary device then the Surface Pro is a better choice.


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Zune is dead.

Your Nokia is 7.x? Otherwise, there is a Surface RT Windows Phone application for Windows Phone 8.

Access is almost dead, and will not see newer platforms. SQL Server compact is available in Windows Phone 7.x and 8, and most likely we'll see in Windows RT.

If you're in a hurry for a database app, there is SQLite.
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Welcome to the forum franklynjeremiah. As noted it sounds like the Surface Pro might be for you. Don't forget you can always RDP into a box running Windows Pro with Microsoft Access and other legacy apps on it that you can't otherwise run on Windows RT. This is a very powerful tool if you have a PC to remote into. Many people are finding it to be a great work around for using all the features that are not directly accessible on a Windows RT device through another full Windows PC.



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Zune is dead.

Your Nokia is 7.x?.....
Arnold, I'm still using Zune to sync my Lumia 900 with my desktop (Win8 Pro) so I'm not sure what you mean by "Zune is dead". Is another app replacing it for wp7.x phone syncing, that would work on the RT too?


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A new Sync Solution is available for Phone 8 that replaces the Zune Software, Phone 7 will use it when it is upgraded to version 7.8


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I still use Zune on my netbook. Microsoft need to get a move on and improve Xbox Music to at least be as good as Zune was when they dropped it.
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