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Post pictures of your surface Pro


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Took this before I got my T630 when I first got the Surface Pro. Excuse the messy desk...

This one I took later when i cleaned desk...



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Since investing in my Pro2 8Gb/512Gb i5-4300u I basically have started to rely on it for everything, work and leisure. To the point that I am about to ditch both my MacBook Air and my Lenovo X1 Carbon :)

Current setup:
Surface Pro 2 8/512 4300
Lenovo USB 3.0 dock (Velcro-taped to the side of my Ergotron stand)
2x Lenovo L2440P 1920x1200
Logitech K810 and T630

Audioengine A5 speakers
Sony BM10 Bluetooth audio interface



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and as your saying this do you have AC/DC highway to hell playing in the background? LOL
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