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Post Your SP3 Power/Battery/Charging Issues Here

Chijioke 'Nerih

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Please help urgently. My surface pro 3 core i7 is no longer charging and my battery is so low that it cannot power the device. Each time I try to start it, the screen shows battery low sign. The charger cable is still good because I can charge my phones through the usb charging port of the charger box.


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Hello everyone, first time poster. I got my surface pro 3 about 2 weeks ago and I'm having some of the same battery problems a lot of yall are having. Probably only getting about 4 hours of battery life just surfing internet explorer. Well the really weird thing is that I took my surface to a coffee shop the other day and was using Microsoft word there and my battery went from 20% to 10% to 7% to dead in a matter of about 30 seconds. I've installed all updates that I know of and it happened again tonight. It really upset me because I spent a lot of money on this machine. Has anyone else had a problem like this?


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Wifi has generally been good for me but I do have an annoyance with internet sharing on my Windows Phone 8.

I've connected the SP3 to the HTC 8X WP8 by bluetooth. Even if internet sharing is off on the phone, I can go to the Networks list on the SP3 and after a few seconds it will turn on the phone's internet sharing and I can connect to the phone's wifi.

However, when the SP3 goes to sleep then the phone will soon switch off internet sharing and when the SP3 is woken up, it won't restart internet sharing and reconnect. I have to manually instigate it each time. This is even after I've checked "Connect Automatically" when connecting the SP3 to the phone's wifi. Has anybody seen this before?


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I have a similar issue to others on an i5 8gb I just got last week.

I put it to connected standby and it lost 15% battery over a 2 hour period, only occurred this way the one time, and there were no other processes but cpu c0 time 100% in the sleepstudy..

Other than that while using it im getting about 10% an hour roughly.. which isn't bad at all if I do the math (on like 40-50% brightness)


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Why the first % drop after being charged 100% is always 94% or 93%?
Why not 99%, 98%, etc. first.?
Is there something wrong with my battery? are yours also always drop to 94% from 100%?
Mine does the same - goes from 100% straight to %94 after about 20 mins. After that it counts down %wise as normal so I havent paid too much attention to it.
I am in the same camp. I happened to see 95% today, but it is usually 94%. 100 -> 94.


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Battery life has not been an issue on mine but it has done a couple of wierd things lately. On Friday evening I used it for a while and there was a good amount of charge left in it (can't remember exactly, but it was like above 80%) and I then put it to sleep thinking that I would use it first thing in the morning to look at the news and check mails etc. Next morning when I pressed the power key it flashed up an image showing that the battery was flat and so all thoughts of reading in bed went out the window as I had to recharge it.
This morning I charged it fully and then used it for a few minutes to check mails and look at the news before coming into work (also I did a quick flick through with Alt+Tab to check that I hadn't left any programs or apps running and then put it to sleep). About two hours later I was in work and I reached into my bag to get something and I could feel heat coming off it as if it was playing a video or running a game. I took it out and it was definitely quite warm as if some process was running - but again, none of the programs were open but now the battery is down to 80% which shows that something had been going on. It doesn't usually go down like that on a full charge whilst in sleep mode. So, am I going to have to turn it off every time I finish with it, even if I think that I am likely to come back in an hour or two to check emails or something like that?
It is also still doing this thing where I had to do a hard restart once every couple of weeks or so. Does this sound like a problem with the unit? If it wasn't for annoying issues like this I would absolutely love this thing, I take it with me everywhere now but for the price I paid, I would like to see a bit more reliability. Not a flat battery or a dead screen and messing about with holding the volume and power keys down.


Good, informative thread. My usage would be Waterfox, Office 2013 and VMware Workstation. In past couple of weeks I've worked up from about 3:30 hours to 6:30 hours with just a few simple tweaks, but given my usage don't think I'll be able to go much past 6:30 hrs, but that works for me as this is a notebook, sole machine, replacement for me and I'm usually plugged in all day on the port replicator. The 6:30 hrs gets me a cross-country flight so I'm good on the mobile aspect as well.

Would like to see a power keyboard for the SP3 come out some time though.


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Anyone knows why it takes so long to charge up the sp3 from a dead stop battery to full 100%?
it took almost 5 hours of complete charge to be full again.


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Any of you used Hearthstone for an hour and tool note of battery drain ir VisualStudio for an equivalent period?

Two things I really would need to know! Thanks


Anyone knows why it takes so long to charge up the sp3 from a dead stop battery to full 100%?
it took almost 5 hours of complete charge to be full again.
Okay.... Mine takes 2hours from completly empty shut down to 97%

Btw, My Charger is broken.. i cannot charge my Surface 3 and my Smartphone (via USB) on the same Time. M$ is sending me a new one.


My unit is also suffering from these power issues, battery drains fast. It lasts somewhere between 2½ to 3½ hours on normal usage with maximum brightness. At the end of last year i could easily squeeze out between 5 to 7 hours out of it but something happend and i'm not sure what but this is not okay.

/ Magnus
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