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Problem with Visual Studio and SQL connection string on SP3


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I'm having a problem running a VS project using a SQL connection string on the SP3 . I do not have this problem on the desktop using the same connection string. I was curious if anyone else had this problem and how it was corrected.

Using VS2012 and using this connection string on the desktop:
No problems on desktop but when run on the SP3, I get a SQL exception (instance-specific error).

If I change the connection string on the SP3 to "Server=myOtherServerWithoutInstanceName;Database=myDatabase;Trusted_Connection=True;" then the connection is accepted and the VS project runs just fine.

Is it a setting on the tablet that needs to accept instance names in sql server?


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Since this is more of an app issue than Surface specific this is getting moved to the x86 app section of the forum.


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I'm not sure if it is an app issue. Why would this problem occur on the SP3 but not the desktop?

Update: If I publish the app using Visual Studio on my desktop, and set the connection string to myServer\myInstance, then I can run the published app on the tablet. But if I open Visual Studio on the tablet, then try to run the app thru VS and connected to myServer/myInstance, then the sql exception occurs.

Using VS on the tablet, if I change the connection to myOtherServerWithoutInstanceName, then the app will run thru VS successfully.

Other apps connected to myServer\myInstance on the tablet run successfully. OK, I agree this is a clue that it might be an issue with the app and not the tablet.

I was just curious if anyone else had a similar issue and how they corrected it.