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Recovery Image for secure erased HP elitepad 900


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I have an elitepad 900 64gb with 3g and one of my children has managed to secure erase it.
Several attempts to restore it with just a windows 8 ISO image turned into a USB bootable drive result in the install getting stuch at Copying files 0% (I left it all night)
Is there a anyone out ther that would be able to create a recovery USB disk and zip up the contents?




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Are you sure the disk is good?

If you go into Advanced Recovery Command Prompt can you access the disk partitions? Read/write files?

Here's a Guide you can sorta follow... to get to Command Prompt ...

You might want to use Diskpart to Clean the disk prior to installing.

HP may have specific instructions for your device.

Id use DISM to inject the Drivers into the image before installing
Add and Remove Drivers to an Offline Windows Image


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I'll try follow the Dell instructions tonight.
Yes I can write tot he diskm and have managed to boot to a windows 8/8.1 usb stick but did not use dism to sideload the drivers. (I'll try that too as it might just be a storage driver missing)
Would you inject them into the boot.Wim or one of the othe r ones?


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