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Regarding warranty for surface pro


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I bought a surface pro 128gb 4 months back in Sydney. But I stay in India. How does the Microsoft Online service work for replacement within warranty time? I know if I am within Australia, they arrange for a pick up etc. Does it work the same way even if I am out of country? International warranty holds?
Any clues would be of great help!
thanks in advance!


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I assume this will be the same everywhere. I bought my Pro in the USA and when I had to use the warranty in the UK, I just clicked on the call me link on the website and they rang and confirmed that it needed replacing. They pointed me to the website return page which I filled in and printed off a returns label which was prepaid. I then dropped at the local courier. Two days latter a new one arrived. You will get a local country model so you will get one which is on a Indian base model which like any copy of Windows you localise to the country you require. The only catch is the transfer setting wizard (which Surface recommend for a return) has a bug which means it won't transfer all your settings between two different base language system even US English to UK English, so make sure you have made your own backups. All very efficient and couldn't be faulted except for the bug in transfer settings.


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Thanks for the reply!
But the catch is, they haven't released the surface pro in India yet (and I wonder if they ever would). So when I try to log a online service with India address it says "not supported in your country"!!
So how does the warranty work then? Should I ship it to a country which supports surface? In that case, would sending to any country that supports surface work?
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