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Screen protector with stylus


Has anyone found a good screen protector to use with a stylus? Important factors in my opinion would be:
* Resistance to scratching
* Glare
* Smudginess/Oil resistance
* Look & Feel

MS recommends the Incipio and puts them on in the store. I think something like Zagg HD clear film would be best since it is hard and thin but last I checked they didn't have one cut out for the surface.

I purchased a ArmorSuit Military Shield for Surface RT, it is too soft and leaves pen marks in the film. Zagg Original film would be better because at least the orangepeel effect would mask the pen marks. Basically with this film I had to scribble over the whole screen in order to mask the pen marks which added quite a texture to the film. The glare is awful with the dents in the film (especially at low brightness) but on the other hand it is not smooth enough to leave smudges. Overall it looks like crap. I will replace it but I was hoping someone had a recommendation.

Has anyone tried any screen protectors and how does it work with the stylus?
I personally wouldn't want to get a screen protector for the surface pro. The screen is optically bonded to the glass so there is very minimal space between the digitizer and the screen, to make it seem like you're writing on paper. Optically bonding the screen also allows for considerably less glare than other tablets on the market. Once you had the screen protector, it adds another layer, taking away from the inking experience and adding more glare. Screen protectors are also just a pain and often takes away the natural beauty of the screen. I'd say to just be careful with your device.