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Share, app, contact, done!


Does anyone here know of a popular multiplatform MSGing app (please don’t say FB or Twitter) to share things like photos, articles, and other things. Keep in mind I just want to share with one person. I mean, not even Skype shows up as an option once I click share from the charms bar. Once on my PC, I actually copied a URL from a website and then pasted it to a Skype conversation! C’mon, what is this?! 2010? I want three-click sharing. Share-medium(app)-contact done!

Whom among you is doing this on your Surface? And how?


I used to have Line on my previous phone but that phone got destroyed and I forgot the user name/email or whatever. I haven't reinstalled it because I think I'm holding on to the idea that I'll miraculously remember my log-in and restore my contacts. I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and sign-up again. Are you using Line?

I am using Viber and that is cool to communicate with others' phones but it still doesn't have that quick share function that I'm looking for. And it is a bit buggy.

I really wish whatsapp was available for the Surface. It's my preferred msging app.

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