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Small office menu font on surface 4, normal on monitor


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I have one end user with a Surface Pro 4 running Windows 10. They connect to the surface dock and then a much larger Dell monitor. When he is connected to the dock and the cover on the surface is closed everything looks fine. If you open the cover of the surface and the screen goes from the monitor to the Surface the fonts on the menus of his office apps is extremely small. I mean really really small to the point of barely legible. This only appears in the Office apps. Windows Explorer, Edge, Windows start menu...everything looks normal. Power point, Lync, Outlook and other office 2013 apps...really small menu fonts. What I mean by that is that if you open Word, the document itself looks normal, but good luck trying to do anything on the Toolbar because the fonts/icons are miniscule. If you close the cover to the surface and the images switch back to the monitor everything looks normal. Its very counterintuitive. Anyone else have a similar problem?

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