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SP3 For Field Use

I got my i7 on release day, and I am very pleased with it. My two big hangups thus far are pen storage (the loop is OK for now, but really...) and the Windows 8 learning curve, which I will overcome in time.

One of my primary uses will be field sketching. We do field inspections on construction sites. Most often, the sites are not under active construction, so the environment isn't TOO dirty, but the potential is there.

So my questions are these:
1. Any ideas for some sort of case or grip that would allow me to easily do field sketches. I am thinking about a pistol type grip, but I'm not sure what options are out there. Something that suctions to the back (easily removable) would probably be perfect. It could also serve as a kickstand of sorts.
2. Any cases or bumpers available that don't impede the cooling vent? Dropping would clearly be a concern in this usage case.
3. Pen storage discussion has been discussed, so I need to come up with a best solution for that.
4. Any negatives using a screen protector, other than adding parallax?
5. Any good portable battery charges of there that can handle the SP3? I could be on site without a power source for 6-8 hours.

That's about all. I may update this thread as more questions arise.


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Re External Battery ... see Mikegyver http://www.mikegyver.com/ has a couple options

Case ... perhaps something like the insipio capture... once they update to Sp3 size. this is for SP2

http://blog.urbanarmorgear.com/urban-armor-gear-announces-military-spec-cases-for-the-microsoft-surface-pro-and-surface-pro-2/. maybe that kickstand can double as a grip. They announced one for SP3 but I don't see it.

Maybe if you know someone in the NFL you can get one of theirs... http://www.theverge.com/2014/8/3/5964307/nfl-replaces-black-and-white-photographs-with-surface-tablets-on-the. but its SP2
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