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SP3 Recovery image


I see that Microsoft has recovery images for both Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 for the Surface Po 3.

My question is other then having a recover partition on your hard drive is there any advantage of install Windows 10 recovery image or Windows 10 standard download for all computers.
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The only reason I can think of to have one would be if the hidden Windows recovery partition gets damaged. I just looked with Disk Management of my system and it has 3 recovery partitions. Not sure why there is three. I imagine one might be 8.1 and one 10 but I'm not sure why I have 3.
The downloadable recovery image does not create an on-disk recovery partition.
I tried it. It is a good way to install Window 10 on your Surface Pro 3 though.
The recovery image has all the firmware and driver for the Surface so that will save time.