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SP4 wakes up for nothing and keep running


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Iam a dissatisfied customer who likes the specs of the SP 4 but cant stand the fact that it almost 50% of the times wakes up on its own without pressing, moveing or touching anything. After waking up it often keep looking for my face to log in also turns on its fan and just keep looking and looking without stopping.

I have all fkin updates and its been doing this its whole lifetime which is a little bit more than a year now.

Why the hell is it hard to make it only look for a face to log in when i press the On button?

Is there a workaround fix or something? Iam getting tired of it and ofc theres no fkin service/repair shop, MS store or anything in Hungary, in the middle of Europe...why would there be...


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Hi, @bPatrik

This could be caused by:
1 - Wake on LAN setting, responding to your network (shared drive or router or printer TWAIN driver or VPN or shared WiFi)
2 - Windows Update not satisfied; trying to update a driver or firmware component