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Solved Speakers don't work while in dock

Am I missing something obvious?

When docked in the new docking station, sound from my sp3 is not being emitted from the speakers.. Lift it out of the dock and the speakers work again.

Someone please tell me I'm overlooking something obvious. This would be a deal breaker if the speakers don't work while docked.



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Yes - mark your post "Solved".

I like this implementation, because most docking stations for ultrabooks without separate earphone and line out ports force audio through the dock and disable speakers. The Surface is more like a recent TV or multimedia device which allows speakers/headphones to work simultaneously or independently.
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Shouldn't the implementation be something like... IF docked AND external speaker plugged in THEN play through external speakers ELSE play through surface speakers.

Having to manually change the settings each time seems crazy in my mind. Am I missing something?


i don't have to do that on my surface 2 BUT i do turn my tablets sound down but i drop it in and they work... now inside a program im sure its different.

this is on a 2, i would not think its much different


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I have found the logic within Windows for speaker traffic control to be less than optimal. I've experienced this problem on laptops with multiple bluetooth paired audio devices and wired head sets (admittedly, a potentially confusing environment for the laptop), and on my home tower system when switching back and forth from regular computing, to using the computer on the TV with HDMI out (Windows 7 in that scenario). At home, about 50% of the time, it automatically switches to the TV when the receiver flips over to the HDMI input, and the rest of the time, I have to manually change it. I keep a shortcut to the sounds settings on my dekstop for this reason.

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