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Surface Pro 2 Screen protector?


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I am looking for a screen protector that will work good with the pen. I got a Armorsuit and it is terrible. It leaves an indent as I use the pen and also the pen sticks to the surface and doesn't glide...

I don't mind a little antireflective matt look as long as the screen quality is not impacted.

Thanks in advance...


I have that Tech Armor HD protector and love it. I had a Zagg Invisible Shield HD and the screen and color were great but the pen would leave dents in the self healing film. The Tech Armor is clear and smooth with the pen. I wish the area around the camera was a circle and not cutout like a "U" and that it goes edge to edge for more protection. I aready received warrany replacements and it was quick and free. I ended up changing all of my devices to Tech Armor.


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I got mine from these guys.

Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface RT / Pro - citigeeks

They are up in Canada but sell a lot of stuff on eBay so I'm sure they have no problem shipping down south. I use the "Clear HD" and you basically can't tell that there is even a screen protector installed. I get all my iPhone ones from them too... They are great quality and inexpensive. I bought 5 of the Surface protectors for $16... Can't believe the big box stores charge upwards of $35 each. :eek: