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Solved Surface Pro 3 stopped working after updating to new Windows 10 (threshold 2)


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Hey guys, need some help with my surface pro 3. I recently updated the Surface with the latest drivers and updates from microsoft (threshold 2). After the surface loaded, it seemed to work fine initially.

After leaving the surface on my desk for the day, I came back and realized that the lights for my type cover 3 was not working. In fact, my type cover was not reacting to my surface anymore, even if I disconnected and reconnected it.

I tried restarting the surface by going to Start ----> Restart. It said installing updates and then went on to starting.

Now when the surface comes on, all I see is the surface logo. Nothing else happens, even if I leave the system on for over a half an hour. The rotating dots at the bottom do not appear.

I've tried restarting the surface and it did not go into repair mode. I also am able to get into the 'bios' where I am able to set where the surface boots from and other options. However, I am not able to boot into windows.

Is anyone running to an issue like this? Is windows broken? Is there something I can do to recover it?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.


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If you can tell it's off, try holding the up volume and the power button at the same time for about 15-20 seconds. Report back the results.


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I made a recovery USB with my laptop and put it in. Followed the instructions and it seemed that my surface came back on and booted into windows. I think it might be coincedence but I shall observe it and see if the issue occurs again.

Thanks for your assistance. If it happens again, I will try what you are recommending.