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I've had my pro4 now for 8 months and use it all the time, but I have some niggling problems with it, it occasionally 'freezes' and most times has to be turned off before it can be used again, also the pen stops working, again this is only sometimes (intermittently). Other problems include double letters typed with one key press, problems with connecting to TV using WiFi direct, and then when connected sometimes there is no sound.
I've tried all the usual stuff but the problems keep creeping back. What I need to determine is whether its a problem with windows 10 or is my surface pro faulty ?
I recently tried installing windows 10 lite for testing my tablet, thinking that it may behave better with a cut-down version, but after the install I found that it had reinstalled my original windows, which I thought was a bit odd, as I had completely deleted all the partitions, reformatted the ssd drive and installed with a completely different ISO. Anyway I hope you guys can help. Cheers !
Please do not reply with all the basics, i.e. antivirus, malware checks, different browser, different pen,trust me they've all been done !


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Hey @johnnyretro , have you tried rebooting?

Just kidding.

Seriously, try a "Reset this PC" from Settings, Update and Security, Recovery, then immediately check for updates. They may not apply until you Exit OneDrive.