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Touch function not working / Intel Precise Touch Device driver (!) / Hardware Part


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What hardware component(s) should be replaced in the case where the screen works except the touch function. I have replaced the screen along with the small "digitizer" board and ribbon cable that sits behind it, but the problem persists. I did not replace the big middle cable since I believe it is to power the monitor. What should I do next?

The reason I believe its a hardware failure because I tested the touch funtionaltiy in the UEFI screen/mode and it still does not work.
Plugging a mouse works.
I have wiped and reinstalled Windows 10 and ran all updates and the issue persists.
There is a error/yellow warning symbol on the Intel Precise Touch Device driver in Device Manager. Device status shows: "This device cannot start: (code: 10) STATUS_DEVICE_DATA_ERROR"
Uninstalling/updating driver does not work.

Thanks in advance!