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Touchpad Issues


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Some say the scrolling problem is a Chrome issue and scrolling works better in other browsers.

Thank you but I am using Firefox. I abandoned edge as its unusable right now.

If this is happening, go to Settings --> Devices --> Mouse and Touchpad and set the Touchpad Delay to No Delay (always on).

I did try this but didn't seem to help. For some reason, I started up this morning and the trackpad is behaving properly. Not sure why... as there has been multiple shut downs since this problem began. Hopefully it doesn't rear its head anymore.

Thanks for the help.


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and the delayed scrolling is back... There are a few people on Reddit having the same issue. Seems to be a software thing. Hopefully MS addresses soon.


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These complaints or exactly why I never use a touchpad unless it's an absolute emergency. I'd rater use a mouse on my leg, than put my fingers on a touchpad


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Experience two-finger scroll delay as others have talked about. Changing setting to "no delay" doesn't help. I experienced this with a Dell laptop, and they blamed the problem on Microsoft's Windows 10 driver. Which worries me -- because that was months ago, and nothing seems to have been done to address the situation. In short -- the touchpad really does take a few moments, or even a few downward strokes, to get the scrolling started. Particularly in Firefox, but in all programs to one extent or another. Anyone have any insight?