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trade-in program


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I was @ msft store and put a reservation on an 8/256 SP2. Asked jokingly if they would "buy back my SP1." to my shock, they said they have a trade-in program available immediately for whatever you want to sell them: SP1, touch cover, type cover, etc. offered me $360 for the SP1 (128), which seems reasonable given that it is 8 months old and shortly obsolete. plus, will pull the price of the 8/256 under $1000, which is good optically.
Has anyone actually seen a trade-in program for computers or phones worth anything. I always assumed that old technology was just that.
Surface pro will shortly be obsolete? Haha that's funny. That's far from the truth.

Plus that amount offered is a ripoff. Especially when you can get more than double that amount on eBay. IM sure someone on this site would love to buy your pro that cheap if you not worried about the huge loss of money despite knowing it is holding its value well in the marketplace. The surface pro is like the Mercedes/BMW of tablets ;)
$741 on ebay? color me skeptical that such a price will be sustained after the SP2 is released (and I'm not giving mine up before that). by 'obsolete' I meant that the price will drop substantially once the new model is out.
It will still be alot higher than what the store offers on your trade in. Probably at least $650 or better for 128gb model after pro2 releases.