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Solved Two issues with replacement Surface Book: noisy touchpad and loose screen


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I recently received a Surface Book (1) replacement after the SSD of my original machine suddenly died. I have two issues with it however:
  • The touchpad makes a small sound when touched (not pressed), meaning double-tapping and tap-dragging are noisy (tap, tap, tap...). It bothers me, and I don't recall my original machine doing this, but I could be wrong!
  • The screen can move slightly back and forth relative to the belt it's mounted in and makes a small impact sound when I start closing it (presumably from the edge of the bottom of the screen making contact with the corresponding part of the belt mount). Again, I don't recall my previous machine doing this, but checking out some models in a store, they do the same to a smaller degree.
Are these just common quirks of the Surface Book? Do you think I should have it replaced again? I know at least the touchpad sound will bother me, and I worry the screen's looseness is the beginning of a bigger problem.


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Thanks! I got in touch with support and after some time resolving an internal issue at MS (apparently they could not confirm that the laptop was covered in the guarantee given after receiving a replacement) I sent it in. I received the replacement-replacement a while ago and have not had any issues with it. On that note, phone support is very friendly and accommodating so I would definitely recommend this to others with similar quality-of-life issues on a replacement machine.

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