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Type 4 cover ONE key not working


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Proud owner of a Surface pro 4 tablet, I bought it together with the type 4 cover for the surface.

All is good except my left arrow key doesnt work.

I tested an app i know that works to detect keypresses in windows, and it wont detect the keypress at all.

All other things are working perfectly well, including every other single key.
Javascript Key Event Tester link to the test I used.

Should I try a software fix, or should i just get a new type cover? I just bought it so store change should be good, although its not close. Is the Surface type cover warranty global? kinda live in Mexico, and I'd have to move quickly to get a store change.

I-d like to know if its fiaxble or they key is simply dead and I needa new cover.


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Hey giakomo, welcome to the forum.

Do you feel anything different when pressing the faulty key compared to any other keys? Such as some resistance suggesting there might be something stuck under the key?

I'm afraid I can't comment on whether Microsoft offers global support, so your best bet would be to get on the Microsoft website and find the surface live chat and ask them, they're generally pretty good at sorting out issues and should be able to advise on the best course of action.

Let us know how things go. Warranty service is always a bit of an unknown these days due to varying regional laws, so would be useful to hear first hand what your experience is for your location.


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Thanks for the warm welcome! As of this very moment, the key feels like just all the rest of the keys in the keyboard, nop resistance or weird noise. it does get backlit, just it wont register at all. ihavent tried navigating in safe mode though. i've been trying to get into the help desk chat, but it doesnt work, it stays at " describe your problem" step forever with a loading bar that never ends :/

I'll try calling customer service from my country and see where that goes

EDIT1: Ive contacted the live chat, and they told me I.d have to process the request from the country I purchased the equipment, that being the US. Ill still try to call customer support, but I dont think that will work either. Best Buy gives a limited time guarantee and it is for a full 30 days, so I will just take the cover type there and get a new one from the retailer, I suppose its my best bet
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