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Type Cover with another country's key layout


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If you live in a different country than your mother country, is it possible to get a Type Cover (or Touch or Power) that has the key layout of your mother tongue? In other Words, if a German living in the US can she buy a German keyboard there?


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Sounds like you'll need a intermediary shipper.... they will ship to the intermediary who will ship to you...


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I'm in the exact opposite situation.

I am in Germany but I want a US keyboard. The only way is to hunt for it on ebay.de. You will never find it in physical stores or even on amazon.

The same applies to laptops. You will not get any laptop here with a US keyboard layout. The only way is to make a special order and it will cost you a LOT of money and takes several weeks or a month to ship. This is one of the reasons I'm getting a Surface Pro 2 because I can buy the US keyboard later.
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