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Unable to unlock from resume..


Whenever the tablet sleeps or I press the power button to turn off the screen, when it resumes the on screen keyboard doesn't function. If I use the touch cover to try and type some keys don't seem to function and others seem to open up the charms menu etc. If I try and use the on screen keyboard by hitting the edit box, it comes up and then goes away almost instantly. This will always occur for me if the tablet is put into this mode. Unless I do a hard shutdown can I get back into the tablet. The only modifications I have made is to change the dpi to 100 instead of the default 150. I've also noticed that the lockscreen sometimes changes in dpi from large to small. But there doesn't seem to be any coalition to this error.

Any thoughts? Has anyone else changed there dpi, or experienced this issue? Can someone confirm if they have it?

Just simply turn on the tablet, be sure to have a password, press the power button (not hold) then try and use the keyboard when it resumes back after pressing the power again.

I have yet to make any real modifications, just the dpi change.

Edit; I shit you not its like the windows key on my surface (without the touch keyboard) is being pressed o_0. I cleaned the screen and it fixed it. There wasn't anything on it but whatever... case closed...
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My comments are:
- Have you installed all Windows Updates?
- What are your Power Options set to in Control Panel?


My comments are:
- Have you installed all Windows Updates?
- What are your Power Options set to in Control Panel?
Power options are on balenced, no settings have been changed.
And all Windows Updates (store included) are up to date.

But as I said, it appears as thoe cleaning the area where the hardware windows button is seemed to resolve it. Narrator, and volume keys stopped working properly also, like when I would hit volume narrator would say "F15" lol. But again, seems resolved after I cleaned the hardware touchscreen windows key on the bottom of the tablet screen.


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Had the same problem last night, called MS support, had me wipe the drive, then uninstall both the HID Keyboard driver and the type cover driver and then update both drivers works great now. Love this PC
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