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Untypical fan noise, replacement device, guarantee


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Hi together,

like described in the other thread, I've just purchased an SP3. I'm from Germany but I bought it in Austria 'cause I got it for an unbeatable price from there.
I received and unpacked it yesterday, so it's brand new.
Although it's actually a wonderful piece of hardware, I'm very unhappy due to the fact that the fan makes some very untypical RATTLING NOISE like can be seen in this video:
It's not that distinct, but I think that's not what it should sound like and mine has the same bearing failure.

Now I'm not sure which of both is the better procedure:
1.) Returning it back to the dealer. I think I would get cash back because they don't have the SP3 in stock any more.
2.) Requiring a replacement device from Microsoft. Maybe they will send me a refurbished one and that won't be satisfying!! Do you see any way to make sure I get equivalent substitution?? Does MS still have new SP3s in stock?

When I log in to the Microsoft support page, I see 2017-12 as end of guarantee. Microsoft gives 2 years of guarantee. How is this possible? It should be 2018-06!

I'm very sorry for bothering you with all my questions. Tried to get a call from MS support twice this morning but nothing happened.


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The manufactureing date is most likely 12-2015, so that's why the support page indicates 12-2017. However, if you make sure you keep the receipt you will get warranty until 06-2018.

I think they still do have new devices. Even better: I think you had the nice price because the device had been in the store (hopefully in the box) for half a year. If you ask for replacement it is likely that you will get a newer device!
The support page warranty will then at first be the "new" device's date and after a while it will get updated to 12-2017. So, do keep your receipt!

I would recommend contacting Microsoft. Going back to the store will most likeley entail they'll take the next device out of stock.


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Thank you very much! I'm not reaching the support for 3 days. I've required a call 10 or more times the last 3 working days but it doesn't happen. The chat isn't available, too. REALLY terrible service... Any tips how to reach them?
I've send MS a repair order this afternoon, UPS will pick up the tablet tomorrow. I'm hoping for the best that they won't replace it by a refurbished one due to the manufacturing date...


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I have noticed that there is quite a difference in support levels depending on what country you're in and which person you talk to. Fortunately the Netherlands have been quite good on the occasions I had to deal with them.
However, it happens quite often that chat and phone support isn't available, because they're only available on working days from 9 am till 6 pm. Then you check the time and see it is 4 pm...que?
And the other "official" support channel, the Microsoft Community, is even worse. The support you get is always the same: restart, reinstall etc. And have you ever tried replying there using a Windows Phone/Mobile device? The horror!

Let us know how things work out for you!


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Next month, I will have been in computer support for 47 years. I started with MAI Equipment the day after Armstrong stepped onto the moon. I know computer support means everything to people who use them. If support is bad the company or user is most likely going to move on to another company for their next computer purchase. Why is it so difficult for computer sellers to realize this. This really goes for most products. Good service is key to continued sales. I personally have not had anything but good service from my Microsoft Computer store. I feel for all of you who haven't experienced good service from Microsoft. I know it must be a balancing act of providing good service and keeping the cost of good service in line.
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Jay Marino

...Maybe they will send me a refurbished one and that won't be satisfying!!

I had the phantom touches problem on my first SP3. The pen also stopped working well and my battery life was terrible.

I brought the device in under my Manufacture's 1 year warranty (no Microsoft care or whatever it's called)
The MS store gave me a refurb. I was leery at first, however this refurb is the best computer I have ever owned. The battery life is now amazing compared to my original SP3 and I couldn't be happier. It's in perfect condition. The screen is great, no phantom touches or issues and the battery has not been degrading over time, even with 212 cycles. I swear they did something special to it, because it works better than advertised. Never had that happen before.

What I am saying is don't be afraid of the refurb.


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Agreed. At first I thought refurbished was like getting an old second hand piece of rubbish. However, it is in most cases a device that has been proven to be good and thoroughly tested!
Don't worry about warranty: your initial warranty will be applied. (Unfortunately that works the other way around as well, otherwise my warranty would have been extended with exchanging the device)


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Thank you for your advices!
I achieved to reach Microsoft after 3 working days. I have to agree that I probably had problems to handle the phone call form on their website. After typing in my number without area code, clicking the button auto completed my entered number and went grey. Nothing happened. When you type in the phone number WITH area code (+49 in Germany), the request is confirmed and the approximated waiting time is displayed. Not very intuitionally, but my failure.
They told me that my device would be replaced by a refurb in any case, not depending on the buying date. So I decided to simply return it to the dealer and get cash back to avoid possible further problems (I've not the time now). I will look for a SP4 in August instead.


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Perhaps that's for the better. And perhaps by that time a Surface 4 or Surface Pro 5 will be announced.

With regards to the phone number: I think it is "programming 101" to write code that can handle all sorts of user input. With area code/without area code, country number or not...should all be possible!

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