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which variant should I buy in 2022?


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Currently, I'm looking for a suggestion to purchase my new laptop. I've already checked out some great devices from the Surface series, but I'm confused, about which one to choose. I could not decide yet because I do not have enough knowledge in this area. Below, I have included what specifications that should be on my new laptop. Also editing software, which I want to use without any delays or other problems. Please check and suggest to me the best one.

Spec's Requirements:

Processor: Core i5 or i7

Display: FHD / Pixelsense

Storage: At least 1 TB

RAM: At least 16 GB

Graphics: Nvidia GeForce RTX3050TI at least

Software lists:

Photoshop (latest version)
Gravit Designer
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Avid Media Composer
HitFilm Expres

Is this site providing surface legal price caused I have faced some issues with our country reseller, they're asking too much price than the official price. Should I take from this site, I am also seeking this advice.

I don't know why my past post was not published. Hope this time I will get my best suggestion from surface forum community.


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The URL on this posting was deleted, as it does not adhere to forum rules. That is why the original post was not published.


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seems pretty simple, AFAIK the only Surface device with a 3050Ti is the Surface Laptop Studio and only the i7 models have it. also the i7 model is the only one that comes with 1TB storage although you can get an i7-11370H 16GB 256GB RTX 3050 Ti model and upgrade the storage to 1 TB cheaper.

the only model with more than 16Gb is the i7-11370H 32GB 2TB RTX 3050 Ti.