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Why we’re about to get swamped with Surface ads this holiday season

Arizona Willie

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Microsoft used to have the worst advertising in commercial history.

They must have wised up and FIRED their old agency because their advertising has improved 1000%.

I used to cringe when a Microsoft ad came on, now I find them at least mildly interesting.

Their old advertising was soooo bad it was miraculous they didn't go out of business completely. How their old agency got away with it for so long is a real mystery.

You aren't immune from advertising simply because you download stuff you watch instead of watching it on TV due to "product placement". For instance, I was watching "NCIS" last night and they were using a SP3 as a video camera at an airport, propped up with it's kickstand so they could send video back to the office. In other scenes at the office, other agents were using SP3s to perform various tasks. I'm seeing lots of this type of subtle advertising by MS.

I tend to record shows on my DVR and skip the ads during playback but that doesn't keep me away from advertising entirely.

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