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wifi/Bluetooth file transfers ??


Anyone have file transfers between a phone and the SP2pro?

I have a win8.1 phone with an aftermarket Qi receiver permanently plugged in to the USB and I'd like to be able to wifi/BT pictures from one device to the other.

I set the BT on the phone and it found "SURFACE"
I set the BT on the SP2 and it found "Windows phone" and displayed a number.

I tapped "SURFACE" on the phone and it tells me that the other BT device cannot transfer. Doing some searching I find that one-or-both need OPP. Soooo, has anyone figured a way to transfer files via wifi/BT?

Before you jump in, I can't use the Cloud/OneDrive etc., as often there is no Internet when I need to dump pics off the phone onto the SP2. I currently use the SD card in the phone but then I have to shut down the phone, remove the back, the battery and then the SD. Not exactly slick system.

I found two apps on the phone store but both have hellatious "Requires." Why does a file transfer app need access to the microphone and cameras? Beats me, but that ain't coming to my phone. :)