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Nobody knows what kind of tech comes out of Area 51, but whatever it is, we may never find out. Secrecy gives birth to conspiracy theories, but in the case of the Microsoft Surface, it led to the tech world being caught with its pants down. Microsoft has explained to TechRadar that it developed its new Surface tablets under close wraps in an "underground bunker." According to Stevie Bathiche, a member of Microsoft's hardware unit, the tablets were developed in an "underground bunker" before moving to a more conventional building with an "airlock" door. Apparently they were worried about Mr Blurrycam showing up and outing the project. Well played Microsoft, now tell us if that bunker was in Area 51.

Via: Techradar
photo courtesy of Techradar

Besides being a pretty hilarious representation of the evolution of tablets, the picture above could easily become a philosophical commentary as well. For example, why is it that things turned out the way they did? Is it because the idea was too far ahead of its time when Bill Gates introduced it? Was it because Microsoft simply doesn't have the greatest reputation anymore? Perhaps it has something to do with the "cult of personality" that surrounded Steve Jobs? Perhaps there are even more interesting questions or suppositions regarding this strange phenomenon.

Regardless, it's easy to shake your head in dismay. If you find this picture to be humorous and apropos, find your best "facepalm" graphic and post it in this thread to share in the humor!

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Even though the new Surface tablet from Microsoft looks like it could be a real game-changer in the tablet wars, that doesn't mean it (just like all technology) is not without its glitches. In fact, during Microsoft's presentation of the device yesterday, there was a moment when their prototype demo unit actually froze up. Luckily, they had a backup ready to go just in case that happened. Of course, with new hardware it's to be expected that you might have some minor issues, and to Microsoft's credit, this presentation was put together rather quickly on a spur of the moment. Also, they have until its rumored release of October to iron out any bugs.

Check out the video below, then just head back to the thread to share your thoughts on this video snippet. Was it a big flaw in their presentation, or did they handle it with aplomb?


The folks at PC World have done a lengthy writeup comparing the new Microsoft Surface tablet to all the other high-end tablet competitors. This probably doesn't come as a surprise, but the main focus of their story is between the Surface and the iPad. Still, their article makes some interesting points and might be worth a quick read, but the most useful thing from the piece was the hand-dandy comparison chart that you can see pictured above. It even includes some of the unreleased devices like the Transformer Infinity and the Iconia A700. There's obviously still some info missing as some of the manufacturers have yet to release those particular details (like Microsoft's pricing), but the chart is worth checking out to see how all the tablets stack up to each other.


Here's a new rumor that we want to turn out to be false. Obviously the big news a couple days ago was the launch of Microsoft's new Surface Windows Tablet. The most conspicuous thing that came out of that announcement wasn't a new feature or spec that Microsoft shared. Instead it was something that was not said, mainly pricing details. For some reason Microsoft chose not to share any pricing info at that time. Early rumors started swirling which pegged the price point at $500 for the RT version and $1000 for the Pro version; however, some new intel from DigiTimes suggests that the price point could be even higher than that in some cases or lower in others.

Specifically, the new rumor suggests that the Windows RT (ARM) version of the Surface will sell for $599.99, and the Windows 8 Pro (Intel) version will sell for $799.99. While the Pro version's new rumor is a couple...
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