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Just in case you want to create even more videos to share across the interwebs, now Facebook will let you add them to your comments and replies to other folks' Facebook posts. Here's a quote from the Facebook blog post on the subject:

"Yesterday marked my 7th “Faceversary” (annual anniversary working at Facebook). I’m celebrating the best way I know how: by launching a brand new feature a few of us started at a hackathon.

At Facebook’s 50th Hackathon early this year, we prototyped the ability to upload a video into comments and replies on posts, because we wanted enable more engaging and immersive conversations. This adds to the suite of multimedia features within comments...

There's a new program from Microsoft that seems to offer some extra value and incentives for small businesses worth considering. It's called a Microsoft Surface Membership Plan and it aims to set your business up with "the latest Surface devices, accessories, support, and training."

For a monthly fee, the Surface Membership Plan will provide you with a current generation Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, or Surface 3, and it also comes with free upgrades whenever newer models are released. Along with the device, you will also receive extra services including system setup, personal training, in-store tech support, Accidental Damage Protection and an extended service plan.

Of course, the different plans vary in cost and depend on what device you choose and the length of the plan. They have 18, 24 or 30 months plans available. For example, a basic Surface Pro 3 will cost $32.99 per month...

It looks like Microsoft's concept for their HoloLens VR & AR system is getting us closer to the Holodeck from Star Trek the Next Generation. Microsoft recently released a new video concept of the future for their HoloLens program and not only is their vision impressive, it has been opened up to third party developers.

Microsoft has figured out that focusing only on their own devices will only take them so far, whereas if they open development for the HoloLens VR and AR platform to other systems, they will be able to conquer the market with their software (just as they have always done in the past). Microsoft's new plan is to create a HoloLens software platform that will be compatible with other VR devices, like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Microsoft basically wants all of these variant devices to play together to give folks the ability to work together in virtual and augmented reality environments, even across vast...

We have a couple of reports regarding Microsoft's mobile phone efforts. First, it looks like Microsoft's Nokia division has been such a big stinker that the folks in Redmond are burying it. Microsoft announced another round of layoffs for the Nokia division to the tune of 1,850 people worldwide. Of that number, 1,350 are in Finland. This is basically the rest of the Nokia folks.

Microsoft is also preparing to take a $950 Million dollar financial write-down on Nokia ($200 Million of that is severance pay). Since 2013 when Microsoft acquired Nokia, the ultimate financial hit they will have taken from the whole endeavor will be $7.6 billion. Ouch!

To go along with the final death throes of Microsoft's Nokia, Microsoft also shared that they are scaling back on their mobile phone efforts entirely. They made it clear that they are not exiting completely, but are simply refocusing on the...

During the January through March quarter businesses in the U.K. bought over 275,000 units of the Surface Pro. This was more than three triple the previous year's Q1 sales of 83,000 slates. Furthermore, this sales figure was over twice the amount of iPad Pros (107,000) that U.K. businesses bought at the same time.

This info comes from analytical firm Canalys, and isn't an interesting, but not too surprising trend. The main reason why businesses chose to go with the Microsoft product over the Apple product is because most businesses are already entrenched with Microsoft software products (like Office) for productivity. This means folks in the business world are more comfortable navigating the Surface Pro.

As an interesting side-note. The reverse of this is true for the regular consumer market. The iPad Pro is outselling the Surface Pro amongst the average home consumer....

Earlier this year during a Build presentation, Microsoft revealed that it’s working on a system that allows Windows 10 PC users to display and interact with Android device notifications. As it turns out, the feature is already rolling out to some users.

A Reddit user called Jihoff80 was the first to discover that the tester version of Windows 10 now can now sync notifications from an Android smartphone. At the moment, the feature has only rolled out to those who are a part of the Windows Insider program. Regular Windows 10 users will receive this functionality later this summer when Microsoft rolls out the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The Cortana Android app works as an intermediary, and...

Continue Reading @: Windows 10 testers can now view...
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