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Here's a gentle reminder that July 29th is a date you should mark on your calendar if you have been sitting on the fence about upgrading to Windows 10 from Microsoft. That is the day that it will no longer be free.

Of course, the good part about that is that Microsoft is also planning on retiring the upgrade "nagging" at that time too, so it could be a good date for some. After that date, the "Get Windows 10" app will be removed from your PC, but Windows 10 will then be $119 for the base edition and $199 for the Pro edition.

Microsoft has made it easier for IT administrators to buy apps for all the Windows 10 devices their companies own. Windows Store for Business, which gives these admins a way to distribute applications company-wide, now sells apps in bulk. Companies can easily snap up multiple copies of an app using a credit card, so long as the developer has enabled Organizational licensing for their creation. Bulk selling is...

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In the world of artificially intelligent digital voice assistants, it looks like there will be a new girl/guy in town soon. There's a startup company working on something called Viv that is meant to be an eve better conversationalist than Apple's Siri. What's especially intriguing about this project is that it is being developed by most of the former project leads of the original Siri found on the iPhone.

This requires a bit of background... basically a non-profit named SRI International developed Siri back in 2010 as a third party app for the iPhone. Of course, Apple was impressed and needed a competitor to what Google was working on, so they grabbed up the company and ran with the ball.

SRI's version of Siri was conceived as a true digital personal assistant that uses normal conversational language for voice commands. Although the current iteration of Siri is pretty good about handling...

Above is an artist's concept render found randomly on the web.

The latest intel points to July of next year for the launch date of the Microsoft Surface Phone. The same report suggests that Microsoft is also planning that timeframe to launch a big Redstone update to Windows 10 Mobile. It actually makes perfect sense that Microsoft would roll out an improved version of Windows 10 Mobile at the same time as their newest mobile lineup.

Excitement is high for the Surface Phone project, and it needs to be, because the last generation Lumia smartphones were basically a flop. The folks in Redmond are working hard to differentiate the Surface Phone from previous Windows 10 Mobile devices. Besides the marketing tie in with the Surface name, it looks like Microsoft is working on a couple of features meant to distinguish the Surface Phone. Microsoft wants the device to be:...

This was a bit of a shock from out of left field late yesterday. Intel announced they will be cancelling their SoFIA platform and the next gen Broxton chips. That basically means they have effectively killed the Atom processor, which has been struggling to make any headway in the mobile world.

Intel did not clarify if this means they are exiting the mobile market altogether or if they are simply planning to move in a different direction with some unknown future tech. The principal reason for Intel's lack of success in the mobile chipset market isn't even just the heavy competition from Qualcomm, Samsung and MediaTek in the space. The fact of the matter is that the Atom chipset never lived up to Intel's media hype in performance or battery efficiency.

Now we are left wondering about future and current tech that utilizes the Atom processor. What does this mean for various mid-range smartphones and...

Microsoft is holding an impressive sale on the Core i5 versions of their new Surface Book. They are slashing $150 off the price for models using that chipset. This sale is running for a limited time only, so you might want to check it out ASAP.

Here are the details:

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