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The folks at PC World have done a lengthy writeup comparing the new Microsoft Surface tablet to all the other high-end tablet competitors. This probably doesn't come as a surprise, but the main focus of their story is between the Surface and the iPad. Still, their article makes some interesting points and might be worth a quick read, but the most useful thing from the piece was the hand-dandy comparison chart that you can see pictured above. It even includes some of the unreleased devices like the Transformer Infinity and the Iconia A700. There's obviously still some info missing as some of the manufacturers have yet to release those particular details (like Microsoft's pricing), but the chart is worth checking out to see how all the tablets stack up to each other.


Here's a new rumor that we want to turn out to be false. Obviously the big news a couple days ago was the launch of Microsoft's new Surface Windows Tablet. The most conspicuous thing that came out of that announcement wasn't a new feature or spec that Microsoft shared. Instead it was something that was not said, mainly pricing details. For some reason Microsoft chose not to share any pricing info at that time. Early rumors started swirling which pegged the price point at $500 for the RT version and $1000 for the Pro version; however, some new intel from DigiTimes suggests that the price point could be even higher than that in some cases or lower in others.

Specifically, the new rumor suggests that the Windows RT (ARM) version of the Surface will sell for $599.99, and the Windows 8 Pro (Intel) version will sell for $799.99. While the Pro version's new rumor is a couple...

We thought it would be useful to you guys if we sifted through the mountain of data released about the new Microsoft Surface Windows Tablet and break some of it down into the two versions. Here are some easy to digest bullet-points below:

Surface RT tablet Primary Specs - Will Launch in the Fall and will include Microsoft Office (likely the Home & Student Edition) at no extra charge
  • Windows RT
  • Nvidia ARM Processor
  • Front and rear "HD" cameras
  • 9.3mm thick & 23.85 ounces
  • 10.6-inch ClearType HD Display (Maybe 1,280x720 display although unconfirmed)
  • 31.5 watt hour battery
  • microSD, USB 2.0, micro HD video, 2x2 MIMO antennae
  • Storage: 32GB and 64GB for Windows RT
Surface Pro Primary specs - Launches about 90 days after the Surface RT - May also come with a higher end version of Microsoft Office
  • Windows 8 Pro operating system...

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The "big" news of yesterday was the announcement by Microsoft of their new iPad competitor tablet called "The Surface." We found this amusing comic that suggests the new Surface will have a really tough fight vs. the iPad. As you can see in the comic, the iPad has destroyed any and all previous rivals (mostly Androids) that have risen up to challenge its dominance, which is somewhat true. The comic suggests that the new MS Surface Tablet will have a similar fate. We don't necessarily agree with that sentiment, but who knows the future. Perhaps the new MS Tablet will finally compete effectively with the iPad. Also, whose to say the comic doesn't have it backwards in its fictionalized universe. Maybe this new MS tablet is "NEO" and the iPad is "Mr. Smith." That analogy seems to make more sense actually...

Regardless of the outcome in real life, the above comic was funny and worth a...

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