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Windows 8 has been finalized and the RTM version is heading to manufacturers. This welcome news was dropped by Microsoft themselves on their blog. Here's a quote with a few more details,

It's great to see Microsoft finally knocking things out with Windows 8. This OS will be the most significant change that MS has ever made to Windows. Moving from a KB & Mouse driven ideology to a touch-screen is a huge step. Luckily, Windows...

We have good news Surface fans! The official release date for Microsoft's next big thing is given. The Surface and Windows 8 will launch simultaneously on October 26th! Here's a quote with the complete details,


In an annual report SEC filing submitted yesterday, Microsoft admitted that their new Surface tablets might piss off their OEM partners. Nah... Really? Of course, they didn't exactly put it that way. Here is a quote, "...our Surface devices will compete with products made by our OEM partners, which may affect their commitment to our platform." They also shared, "Users may increasingly turn to these [mobile] devices to perform functions that would have been performed by personal computers in the past," the company said. "Even if many users view these devices as complementary to a personal computer, the prevalence of these devices may make it more difficult to attract applications developers to our platforms."

Hmmm... I doubt that Microsoft is too worried about it though. They have seen the writing on the wall, and they will drag their OEM partners kicking and screaming into the age...

According to a Chinese Economic Times article, Microsoft is keeping a tight reign on quality control of their new Windows RT tablets by limiting the initial number of companies that can manufacture the tablets. Of course, Microsoft themselves will be making the Surface, but they are contracting with just a few manufacturers to make other Windows RT tablets. They are initially limiting this to Asus, Toshiba, Lenovo & Samsung. Other manufactures will be allowed to join the fray at Microsoft's discretion in January.

Microsoft basically told the three primary ARM manufacturers, Qualcomm, NVIDIA & Texas Instruments, that they could only pick two OEM partners to work with on the Windows RT tablets. NVIDIA chose Lenovo and Asus, Texas Instruments chose Toshiba and Qualcomm chose Samsung and HP. However, since HP bowed out of the race, Dell will fill in after January.

What do you guys...

Microsoft has a lofty, yet attainable goal in mind for the Surface Tablet next year. According to CEO Steve Ballmer, they intend to sell "a few million" Microsoft Surface Tablets in 2013. Here's a quote from the ZDNet article,

What do you guys think? Will they be able to do it?


Apple Co-Founder, Steve Wozniak, is no stranger in the tech world, and when it comes to giving his opinions on the latest and greatest on tech he pulls no punches. His foray into the Android world caught many by surprise, but he is a lover of great tech and it shows. Cult of Mac spotted footage of the Entel Summit in Chile in which Woz spoke openly about the recent developments in Redmond. The Woz said of Microsoft; "I do see a lot of stuff coming out from Microsoft in the consumer arena. A lot of people like to say that Microsoft's had no successes in the last so many years, but the Xbox is a success, and certainly Kinect." He's certainly spot on with that assesment because Kinect made it into the record books by carrying the title of 'fastest selling consumer electronics device.'

Steve is also stoked on the Nokia Lumia 900 series. He says that "they have such a striking visual appearance, which...
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