Best surface 3 (not pro) sleeve inc power carry

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Accessories' started by MrMrMr, Jun 29, 2016.

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    What's the best sleeve to carry a surface 3 non pro with keyboard and the power adapter in UK please.

    I've bought a generic sleeve, it's ok, it has a pocket on side, but it's a little too big and so the surface moves about a bit inside. It seems to happen a lot e.g. this says for surface 3, but the reviews state it's too big for a S3
    ElecShield Case for Microsoft Tablet Surface 3 10.8'' 2015 Versio...

    I've looked on the MS UK store and there's only 3, and apart from being too expensive, don't like them, one looks like you click the surface into the plastic, I don't want this, just something to carry it safe in a backpack etc.

    Any UK store or online
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