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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Book' started by Wayne Orwig, Aug 8, 2019.

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    I have made significant improvements to my backup drive. If I connect a 1 gig ethernet cable via a USB ethernet adapter, I am getting about 60MB/s speeds to the remote drive. All is well. If I use 5Ghz WiFi, I get about 15MB/s. Sometimes less, since the WiFi AP is a couple of rooms away.

    So, I have the ethernet cable, but don't generally want to cable my Book. So I want to add a second WiFi AP in bridge mode, connect to that cable, and place it near where I use the Book.

    It is not practical to move the first AP. Also, the first AP has VPN features and such, that I want to not want to bother. It is an 802.11n router.

    Basically, what 5Ghz WiFi protocol should I look for in an AP, that the Book 1 will support, to give me better speed. 2.4GHz gives me better range, but is crowded here.
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    Hey Wayne,

    I can help you troubleshoot this however it may take longer going back and forth on the forums. Check your PM inbox.

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