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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro' started by TonLo, Aug 6, 2015.

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    So I have had this issue since May, since then I have restored my computer twice but this has not resolved my issue. I was hoping upgrading to Windows 10 would solve my issue but it continues to persist.

    I am using the Surface Pro 1 and until recently I was using my Microsoft account to log into my Surface, but if I went to the account setting it was telling me I needed to verify my account by entering my account password. I did this and then I would get a error, I have misplaced the exact error code but after googling the error it seems like it was some Microsoft account login error (who would have thought???). After upgrading to Windows 10 I continued to have the same issue so I switched to a local account hoping that switching back to a Microsoft account from a local account would fix it and now I can't even switch back to a Microsoft account. When I enter all my credentials in the login window correct or incorrect the window just disappears and nothing happens.... I have spent the last two days researching this issue and can't find a single solution. I have checked to make sure my account with Microsoft was up to date and correct and it seems to be fine because I can log into my account on the website.

    This might not be related but I am having a similar issue with google chrome at the moment. None of my passwords are saving in the browser and every time I close the browser I need to log back into my chrome account. Can't help but feel like these issues are closely related but I could be wrong.
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    TonLo --

    It sounds like you may have a spurious user account that is interfering. I had this issue on two of my Win10 desktops.
    Start by seeing what accounts the system has. Open an elevated Command Prompt and enter: Net User
    This will display the accounts. You can use Net User to delete accounts, but be careful which one(s) you delete.
    I solved my issues with a registry edit, but you need to be comfortable with registry edits before you do that. I will go back and find the location of the edit and post it.


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