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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface General Discussion' started by vsherry, Dec 17, 2015.

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    Recently, I've begun keeping an electronic journal. So far, I've found only one Windows diary app that takes handwriting, but it converts it into type, which I find undesirable. Does anyone know of any that preserve the handwriting?

    In the meantime, I have turned to OneNote. The new pen works great with my Surface Pro 3, by the way.
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    OneNote is probably the best because of all you can do with it. You can have pages with ruled lines, you can write right on the page or use on screen keyboard to write and have it convert to text. You can copy/paste, drag-n-drop or right click and use Copy to OneNote for many things (like web pages, documents, etc.) to use it as a scrap book.

    If you're looking for something simpler, type Windows Journal in the task bar's search field to see if you have it. I don't know if it comes with Windows or Office. It's an old app, but a big advantage of OneNote over it (aside from being able to have multiple notebooks with multiple subsections) is if you have your OneNote notebooks stored on OneDrive you can access them from anywhere on any device. There's a OneNote for iPhone, for example.

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