Difficulty keyboard cover/ auto dim display problems

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Help' started by IProSurf, Jun 16, 2015.

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    My wife has a known good working Surface 2. I purchased Surface 2 with these problems:

    #1 In Word or Calendar apps my type 2 cover keyboard works intermittently. I swapped it out with my wife's same keyboard and that doesn't work. If I remove either keyboard cover and use the screen it woks perfectly. Both keyboard cover work perfectly on my wife's Surface. I am left with a problem with my Surface, it's keyboard connector or something else.

    #2 The auto dim feature to preserve the battery on my surface will dim while I am typing and brighten when I have stopped (opposite of how my wife's known good works).​

    I am looking for any help that I can get resolve these or one of these problems. I have worked IT with desktops that require drivers (unlike Win 8) and I don't know what to do next to even diagnose these problems.

    Thank you for any help that you can offer!

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