First Major Windows 10 Update Imminent

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    by John Lister on November, 5 2015 at 07:11AM EST

    The first major update to Windows 10 is expected to reach the general public in the next week or so. It will bring together a range of fixes and features that have already been tested by some users.

    The update has got several names. It appears it will consist of all the changes up to a "build number" of 10586, known internally at Microsoft as Threshold 2. However, for marketing to the general public, Microsoft may simply refer to it as the Fall update. (Source:

    First Major Windows 10 Changes For Most Users

    This should be the first major change that the average user who isn't signed up to any advance testing program sees to Windows 10. It marks the first in what's planned to be a more frequent series of updates to the system, replacing the idea of having Service Packs, and even new editions of Windows.

    At the moment all that's known is that Microsoft has "signed" the update, meaning it has confirmed and checked the details and set it ready for distribution. Exactly when it will appear isn't certain, though one theory is that it will go out next Tuesday, the same day that monthly updates for Windows 7 and 8 are released.

    However, a counter-argument says Microsoft may instead roll it out gradually, both to reduce stress on its servers and to limit the reach of any glitches that come to light.

    Skype and Edge Both Get Improvements

    The way Microsoft runs its updates now (with an advance testing program among more tech-savvy willing guinea pigs), means there shouldn't be any compatibility surprises in the update. Assuming the update is indeed build 10586, the main changes will be improvements to Skype (including a new app for text-based messaging), improvements to the Edge browser, and a few visual tweaks including changes to some of the icons which didn't get a great reception among users. (Source:

    The update is likely to take a little longer to install than the average Windows Update, but the idea is that it will all work in the background and not distract the user.
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