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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 2' started by Ricochet90, Mar 31, 2014.

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    I think I discovered a bug regarding the headphones on my surface pro 2.

    when I try to connect my headphones sometimes the surface doesn't detect them and the speakers sound instead of the headphones.

    and the reverse happens too, sometimes even when my headphones are disconnected the surface detects as they were connected.

    I don't think that this is a hardware issue, more less like a bug of the driver because when I connect the headphones and the surface doesn't detects them I just move the sound slider a bit and then it recognizes them (after some seconds).

    The same happens when I disconnect them, it gets stuck thinking that the headphones are still connected and I move the slider a bit and it goes back to normality.

    Anyone else experienced this problem?

    I clarify that this is not a rule, sometimes the headphones get detected instantly.
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    When it happens. if you restart the program completely, does it solve that problem.
    For me, if I go on youtube (any Flash content), or start a game, THEN plug my headphone, the audio won't come out. I need to restart my web browser or game. Reverse holds true.
    It's like if the program detects which audio output to use, but doesn't check for changes. So when you plug your headphone in, after the program has started, the program continues to output to the now muted speakers, or teh reverse, where if you unplug the headphones after the program has started, the program wont' output the audio on the speakers.

    XBox Music and Windows Media Player, are I think the only programs I encountered that detects the switch of audio source and outputs correctly where it should

    This is an issue with Realtek sound chip in general for many of it's models. I get what they were trying to do: separate volume control for speakers and headphone, so that your ears don't blow off by the different volume sound. But that leads to this programs, as most programs don't assume that the audio source will switch at any time.

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