I lost My OEM product Key. How can I recover ?

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    I purchased a Microsoft Surface Win 8 Pro last week and activated my windows 8 online. I tried to upgrade to Win 8.1 as given in the User Guide provided in Microsofts Website. I searched to Upgrade in Windows store and I did not get any application in App store to Upgrade.
    After a continuous search in Google I got an application to upgrade to Win 8.1 and I downloaded to my system.

    I ran the application to upgrade my win 8 to win 8.1 and it asked to activate windows. By mistake I pressed "yes" and it changed my OEM product key.

    Then I restored the surface to factory default setting to recover my OEM product key back but it was failure. The new key is appearing every time.

    I contacted microsoft support team to guide me to get the OEM key back but they informed me that "OEM Product keys are pre-injected in the device and they have not any record of this".

    Can anybody help me to recover my OEM product Key ?

    I will be very thankful to you.

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