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Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 4' started by FlorianDúc, Nov 28, 2016.

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    first Sry for bad english (germany)

    So I have the calibration re-adjusted all updates installed but unfortunately not helped.
    For the work as a tattoo artist i need to paint the lines neatly, this mean,
    relatively slowly draw, but then i get such wobbles (Image1) and quickly I can not exactly meet the template.
    I can not imagine the comic artist are satisfied with such a result.

    In picture 2 I times free hand drawn which is not perfect but clearly better

    And the worst in picture 3 its a draw on the IpadPro and the lines are perfect

    I have found out that when I "draw" in Illustrator the program automatically scales the line and reinstates a clean flow, because it is converted into a path. Something like this must also be possible in Photoshop? Unbenannt-1.jpg

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