Installed MS Outlook and now both this and mail are running

Discussion in 'Windows 8 Forum' started by BrianH, Dec 2, 2013.

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    As you will soon realize I struggle with IT issues to the extent that I posed this questions on this forum and can't find the question let alone the answer.

    I bought an RT in August and really like using it (in a simple way!). When 8.1 came along I installed it but resisted MS Outlook for some time as "Mail" was OK. Eventually I installed Outlook but now I have both running including two calendars. Although they seem to sync well enough it does get confusing!

    I would prefer to use Outlook but would like it to run in the background so that I know before I log in that I have mail.

    As I say not very good at this stuff so could you please give me step by step instructions.
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    Nov 8, 2013
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    There's no issue with using both Outlook 2013 and the Mail app. This goes for the Calendar and People apps as well. They are designed to stay in sync with the mail server. If you change something in one application the other application will be updated with the new information. Bottom line being that it doesn't matter which app you use, pick the one that's most convenient at the time.

    I tend to use Outlook if I'm working primarily on the desktop (using Word for example) and will use the Mail app when using Modern UI apps or for a quick email check.

    As for your email notifications on your lock screen: to the best of my knowledge all desktop activity is suspended during sleep mode (this is a good thing, desktop apps tend to use much more power than their Modern UI counterparts) so Outlook cannot notify you of updates in the background. The Mail app does continue to update so let it do it's thing. As stated above, Outlook and Mail are accessing the same information. if your lock screen shows you have 5 messages waiting those messages will be available regardless of which application you decide to use.
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    This is something that I have also been struggling with in the sense that I am still in two minds if I want to start using Outlook. The other concern I have is the amount of space Outlook will take if I want to keep all my mails (in 3 accounts) sync'd. I have never really found a definitive answer to this.
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    Outlook can be set to store its mailbox file, or PST files, on the SD card if you're worried about space.

    For the OP, am I right that you're getting Calendar and Mail notifications sliding in for both Mail app and Outlook?
    You can turn one/other off easily enough. Not got my Surface in front of me, but from memory - Open the Mail app, either click the "cog" Settings button on the keyboard or swipe finger in from the right of the screen, Settings, Options and toggle the notification option as you want it.
    For Outlook, look for the little blue icon in the system tray of the desktop at the bottom right and either select or deselect the Show New Desktop Mail Alert.

    In most cases your Mail app and Outlook should be keeping themselves mostly in sync (give or take a few minutes). If they're not, you're probably using an old style email account (SMTP/POP).

    To get the unread mail count showing on the lock screen, that's configurable by being at the Start screen, swipe in from right or the "cog" settings button, Change PC Settings, PC and Settings, Lock Screen apps and adding Mail there. You won't be able to add Outlook there as Outlook runs within the Desktop - only "Modern UI" apps can be added to that lock screen notification option.

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