M3 Bugs - Gfx, Noise, Docking Station (Displaylink)

Discussion in 'Microsoft Surface Pro 4' started by Nagra, Dec 6, 2015.

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    I bought my M3 a week ago directly from MS here in Germany and encountered several bugs since then.
    Hope that somebody can give me a helping hand here and suggest me what to do now.

    1. It creates a very high frequency/pitched buzzing sound. Constantly. And also some sort of crackling noise. Also constantly.

    2. I get random Gfx errors. I know there was an Update a few days ago - but it somehow failed on my unit and i´m not offered anymore and have no idea how or if i can force it again.

    3. My SP4 M3 is attached to a USB Dockingstation (Displaylink Chipset). It does not boot while attached to it. It´s working fine when connected after it booted but well ...i´m sick of (un)plugging it all the time.

    Any idea if there´s help on the horizon with some fw upgrades for these troubles? Otherwise i might just return it and go for another device.

    Thanks in advance
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    I had two m3s and never heard constant buzzing or crackling noises, take it back and get an exchange.
    It seems most units with gfx errors were fixed by the recent update, another reason to get an exchange.
    Double check you UEFI boot order settings it may be attempting to boot something non-bootable on USB. Otherwise if its reproducible with a new unit (at the MS store) file bug reports with MS and the Docking station vendor.

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