Microsoft Apps Will Now Show Up on Android Devices from 74 Companies

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    The most striking thing about the headline isn't that Microsoft Apps are now showing up in more Android devices, it's that there are 74 different companies making Android devices! Regardless, It's obvious that Microsoft has worked out deals with even more Android OEMs to include Microsoft apps pre-installed from the factory.

    Last year Microsoft could account for 31 different Android development companies which include apps like Skype, OneDrive and/or Office with their devices. This year that number rises to 74, and includes newcomers like Acer, along with other notable big names like LG, Sony and Samsung.

    It's worth noting that the Android OEMs aren't all including these apps out of "kindness," nor is it simply because Microsoft negotiated good deals with them to make it happen. Many of these OEMs (especially the smaller ones) are basically forced to include these apps so that they can avoid patent litigation from Microsoft, since Microsoft happens to own several Android-related patents.

    At least you can't fault Microsoft for finding a solution other than suing the crap out of everyone...

    Source: Engadget
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    Last I read there's 1 company making money off of Android devices they sell, Samsung. That leaves 73* searching for a way to make a profit in a very competitive business. If Microsoft offered an App deal in exchange for royalties that's a positive business proposition in lower costs and possibly higher income if vendors get a slice of app/service revenue generated no matter how small.

    *actually more assuming not every manufacturer has agreed to terms with Microsoft.

    How Samsung makes any money baffles me given the plethora of devices they have on the market. Their engineering and manufacturing must be finely tuned to where they can churn out different models as easy as making different shaped or flavored gum drops.
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    I'm really impressed with Samsung. I bought a Tab E on Black Friday for only $200 and am extremely happy I did. It may not be the fastest, sharpest or lightest 10 inch tablet out there, but it sure meets my needs. LG and ASUS offer similar tablets in the same price range. I went for the Samsung primarily because it has a huge battery. The MS apps work very well.
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